Clinical Trials

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Our recent partnership with Biomedcore, a leading-edge biotechnology laboratory, developing proprietary disease models to validate therapeutic efficacy at the final formulation level, has tremendous synergies, melding both the biotech and natural health product fields. We are developing clinically validated products of unique differentiation to license to our like-minded clients and in turn manufacturing these consistently and protecting the science while doing so.

Dr. Indrajit Sinha, Chief Scientific Officer of Suntrition and CEO of Biomedcore, has coined the output of this offering as NHP 2.0. We are pioneering a new category of evidence-based products developed through leading-edge science and collaborative relationships.

Suntrition is able to provide a full solution service platform from concept to claim for its customers and most importantly, allows for a modular, cost effective approach to product design, development and regulatory approval. Our proprietary in vivo, pre-clinical disease models are designed to mimic human diseases and conditions. Ingredients, formulas and product delivery matrices may be designed, developed, optimized and then validated against these disease models.

Accelerating Innovation

Suntrition and Biomedcore have co-developed and built a state-of-the-art laboratory within Suntrition's pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facility headquarters and have begun to galvanize a movement around accelerating breakthrough innovations in product development.

Due last quarter of 2013, the seal of approval will assure the user that final finished product has been tested for their therapeutic efficacy. This is the ultimate seal of approval for any NHP product and assures the user that the final finished product has undergone rigorous testing and is certified to have therapeutic efficacy.


Take a look at our NHP 2.0 Process

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