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Suntrition is an award-winning, advanced-manufacturer of nutraceutical products, operating on a contract basis and working with customers to create unique and proprietary evidence-based natural supplements.
We are strategically located in Tecumseh, Ontario, just a short distance from the busiest North American border between Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan. Since opening our doors in 2001, we have seen both ourselves and our customers grow with the demanding natural health product market. Though recognized as "the leader in small-batch, oral-dose manufacturing," Suntrition has the ability and flexibility to fulfill small to large orders to meet customers changing needs.

Suntrition Building

After continued success throughout the years, Suntrition relocated its premises in December 2010 to a brand new, state-of-the-art facility. Just two years later Suntrition quickly gained the prestigious NSF International, GMP for Sport, registration. We are one in only three companies in Canada to hold this title. Our success continued when we were officially listed in Profit Magazine's Top 200 (in 2012) and 500 (in 2013) fastest growing companies in Canada.

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Our privately held company prides itself on providing excellent quality and customer service, leading to genuine and long-term relationships with our customers. To continue to meet customers' growth and changing needs, Suntrition is constantly making revisions and additions. Equipment upgrades within our facility is ongoing and we have implemented a new world class ERP system that takes us to the next level of outstanding customer service. The system allows you, our client, to access our system through your own secure portal to view your product through every phase of manufacture from the ordering of raw material to when your product will leave our loading dock.

A growing need for therapeutic validation in the natural health product field has triggered Suntrition to form a coalition with Biomedcore, a leading-edge biotechnology laboratory, to meld both the biotech and natural health product fields. New developments are blending breakthrough science with advanced manufacturing, taking natural health products to a clinically validated level. This enables us to manufacture products consistently and protect the science while doing so, all in the best interests of the health and well-being of people on a global scale.

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